Driving Down Greenhouse Gases

The European Commission's 2050 Energy Roadmap set out the long-term goal of reducing
greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95%, compared to 1990 levels, by 2050. To achieve this ambitious
target, Member States need to exploit synergies among policies and sectors as well as create
market and regulatory frameworks able to increase investments in new low-emitting technologies
and accelerate innovation. This will pave the way toward a virtuous cycle also expected to
create job opportunities and strengthen Europe's competitiveness well beyond the energy sector.

In this context, the event will represent a showcase of the most advanced strategies to lead
the transition towards the achievement of the Paris Agreement goal, drawing experts from the
academic and corporate realms together with EU policy makers and national representatives.
During the discussion, Deloitte will present the key findings of its research on the most effective
“low emission levers” to be used to achieve EU goals, while one of major international energy
group ENEL will provide insights on the evolving role of utilities in a dramatically changing
context and the Queen Mary University of London will present on how their research and
toolkits inform investors about relative carbon-financial risk embedded in their portfolios.

During the second part of the morning the focus will shift toward the impact that the EU energy
strategy is already having on businesses across the Union. In this regard, a panel of corporate
reporting professionals from international standard-setting bodies will be sharing the floor with
accounting professionals and policy makers in order to analyze the consequences of the EU
95/2014 Directive on non-financial disclosure of medium and large enterprises in the Union.



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